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Last reviewed on July 6, 2024

Italy Golden Visa

Residence permit for travelling visa-free to the Schengen Area, living in Italy and optimising taxes

Italy Golden Visa

The Italy Golden Visa, also called the Italy Investor Visa, allows non-EU citizens and their families to obtain residence permits through investment in just a few months. The program was launched in 2017 to stimulate foreign investments and economic development.

Investors have 4 investment options: opening innovative startups, buying government bonds or securities, purchasing shares in local companies, or making a philanthropic donation.

The residence permit is issued for 2 years with an opportunity to extend it for another 3 years. After investing, foreigners can benefit from the rights granted to residents, including the right to live, work, study, and receive medical care in Italy.


Minimum investment

4+ months

Processing time

2 years with renewal

Validity period

9 Key Benefits of the Italy Golden Visa

  • 1

    Residency rights

    Italian residents can enter the country anytime, even when borders are closed, and spend as much time as needed in Italy.

  • 2

    Access to the Schengen Area

    Italy is part of the Schengen Area, allowing you to travel freely to other Schengen member states without needing additional visas or permits.

  • 3

    Quality of life

    Italy is known for its high quality of life, good environment, low crime rate, beautiful landscapes, and excellent cuisine.

  • 4

    Education and healthcare

    Italy offers access to a good education system, including public schools and universities. The country also provides a comprehensive healthcare system.

  • 5

    Business opportunities

    Italy has a diverse and dynamic economy that may offer business and investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

  • 6

    Special tax regime

    Instead of regular taxation on all income obtained outside Italy, wealthy foreigners can choose to pay a fixed annual sum of €100,000. The special tax regime is valid for 15 years, provided that the annual fixed payment is made each year.

  • 7

    European Union benefits

    Italy is an EU member state, and residency or citizenship in Italy could provide you with certain EU privileges, such as the right to live and work anywhere within the EU.

  • 8

    Cultural and historical experiences

    Italy is known for its rich history, art, and culture. Living in the country allows you to explore these aspects of Italian life.

  • 9

    Obtaining permanent residence and citizenship

    After living in Italy for five years, the Italy investment visa holder can apply for permanent residence and benefit from additional rights. These include the right to work or study in other EU countries without a special permit.

Who Can Get Italy Residency by Investment


Over 18

With confirmed legal income

Without a criminal record and of good character

With valid health insurance


Over 18

Officially registered as a husband or wife of the investor

Children of any age

If under 18: No specific conditions

If over 18: Must be unmarried, have no children of their own, and be financially dependent on the investor

Parents of any age

Financially dependent on the investor

4 investment options for the Italy Golden Visa

The price requirements for the Italy Golden Visa depend on the chosen investment option.

1. Investments in an innovative startup

This option involves investing in a government-approved innovative startup. The investor must provide a business plan when applying to participate in the program. While the startup option is the riskiest, it allows obtaining residency with the lowest investment amount — €250,000.

2. Investments in a limited Italian company

The investor can purchase listed or unlisted shares of an incorporated company operating in Italy. The minimum investment amount is €500,000.

3. Philanthropic donation

This option involves making an investment in a public interest project related to education, culture, science, immigration, or cultural and natural heritage preservation. The required amount of funds is €1,000,000.

4. Purchase of government bonds

Investors can buy bonds issued by the Italian government with a remaining maturity of over two years. Bonds are the most secure option but also the most expensive. The required investment capital is €2,000,000.

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Step-by-step Process: How to Become an Italian Resident

The Italy residence obtaining process usually takes seven steps and four to six months to complete.


Submitting a request for a Nulla Osta

7+ days
Submitting a request for a Nulla Osta

A Nulla Osta is a certificate that confirms there are no barriers to obtaining an investment visa. It grants the investor the right to apply for a visa within six months. The investor must gather the necessary documentation to receive this certificate.

The application and all documents are submitted electronically via the portal of the Investor Visa Committee.


Obtaining a Nulla Osta

30 days
Obtaining a Nulla Osta

The Investor Visa Committee reviews the application and either approves or rejects it, or requests additional documents. The certificate is valid for six months from the date of issue.


Submitting an investor visa application

7+ days
Submitting an investor visa application

The application is submitted to an Italian consulate or embassy in the country of residence. The consular visa fee is €116 per applicant.


Obtaining an investor visa

Up to 120 days
Obtaining an investor visa

The consulate reviews the provided documents and decides on visa issuance.


Travelling to Italy and submitting a residence permit application

7+ days
Travelling to Italy and submitting a residence permit application

Within 8 days of entering Italy, the investor must personally visit the police office (Questura) and request an Investor Residence Permit.

The investor needs to submit the arrival date, the location of the Questura, and the date of the application in the Questura via the Investor Visa Committee portal. Costs at this stage are approximately €100.



Up to 3 months

Within 3 months from the application date, the investor must fully transfer the funds and provide confirmation documents. If this condition is not met, the visa is cancelled.


Getting a residence permit card

30+ days
Getting a residence permit card

After all documents are provided and the investment is made, the Migration Service of Italy reviews the application and issues a residence permit card. The initial residence card is issued for two years, with the possibility of extending it for another three years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Italy have a Golden Visa program?

    Yes, in 2017, Italy launched the Golden Visa program, allowing non-EU citizens to gain residence by investing in the Italian economy. A potential investor can choose one of four options with an Italy golden visa price and include their family members in the application.

  • How to apply for a Golden Visa for Italy?

    To apply for an Italian residence permit by investment, you need to obtain a Nulla Osta certificate confirming the absence of obstacles to investment and obtain an investor visa in an Italian Consulate or Embassy in your country.

    Then, you should enter Italy and make an investment, which gives you the right to apply for a residence permit.

  • Can I get residency if I buy property in Italy?

    No, Italian law does not grant a residence permit based on purchasing a property. But you can get it by participating in an Italy Golden Visa program.

    The possible options are an investment in a startup or a limited company, a philanthropic donation and a purchase of government bonds.

  • How much to invest to get residency in Italy?

    The Italy Golden Visa costs depends on the chosen investment option:

    1. An innovative startup investment — €250,000.

    2. A business investment — €500,000.

    3. A philanthropic donation — €1,000,000.

    4. Purchase of government bonds — €2,000,000.

  • How to get Italian citizenship by investment?

    According to the laws, investors can’t get an Italian passport by investment. However, participation in the Investment Visa for Italy program allows to obtain residency and then citizenship by naturalisation in 10 years.

  • How long does it take to get Italian citizenship after residency?

    Under the Investment Visa for Italy program, non-EU investors can apply for Italian citizenship based on 10 years of permanent residency.

    The initial residence card is issued for two years, with the possibility of extending for another three years. The investor can apply for permanent residence after residing in Italy for five years. Five more years later, i.e. ten years in total, the investor gets the right to apply for citizenship.