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Last reviewed on July 6, 2024

Greece Golden Visa

Residence permit for travelling visa-free to the Schengen Area and creating a safe haven

Greece Golden Visa

The Greece Golden Visa, also known as the Greece Investor Visa, offers investors and their family members a way to obtain residence permits.

Investing in Greek real estate is the most popular option for those seeking a Golden Visa. By purchasing property worth at least €250,000, applicants can secure their residency rights and enjoy the benefits of living in Greece.

Greece Golden Visa offers a range of attractive incentives for wealthy investors, such as visa-free travelling and tax optimisation. Foreigners are also not required to live in Greece to maintain and renew their residence permits.


Minimum investment

4+ months

Processing time

5 years with renewal

Validity period

9 Key Benefits of the Greek Golden Visa

  • 1

    Residency in Greece

    The primary benefit of the Golden Visa Program is the opportunity to obtain legal residency in Greece. The Greek residency visa holders and their family members have the right to live, work, and study in Greece without additional documents.

  • 2

    Visa-free travel

    Holders of a Greek Golden Visa may enjoy visa-free access to the Schengen Area, which includes 29 European countries aside from Greece.

  • 3

    Multiple Investment options to choose from

    The program offers several investment options, including purchasing real estate, making a capital contribution to a Greek company, or investing in Greek government bonds. Applicants choose the type of investment that best suits their financial goals.

  • 4

    Family Inclusion

    The Golden Visa Program typically extends to family members, including spouses, children under 24 years old, and parents of any age.

  • 5

    No minimum stay requirement

    The Greek Golden Visa Program does not have a minimum stay requirement. Investors are not obligated to spend any time in Greece to maintain their residency.

  • 6

    Access to Greek healthcare and education

    As residents of Greece, Golden Visa holders and their families may have access to the Greek healthcare system and educational institutions.

  • 7

    Additional income from real estate investment

    Many Golden Visa applicants opt to invest in Greek real estate. Greece has a diverse property market in popular tourist destinations like Athens, Thessaloniki, and the Greek islands, with the potential to benefit from property value appreciation and rental income.

  • 8

    Path to Greek permanent residency and citizenship

    Obtaining a permanent residency in Greece is possible after 5 years. After living in Greece for 7 years, investors may be eligible to apply for Greek citizenship if they pass the language exam and meet other necessary criteria.

  • 9

    Retain original citizenship

    Greece allows dual citizenship, meaning investors can maintain their original nationality while enjoying the benefits of Greek citizenship if they choose to apply.

Who Can Get Greece Residency by Investment


Over 18

With confirmed legal income

Without a criminal record

Spouse or partner

Partners who signed a partnership agreement in Greece


Investor’s children under 24: Must be unmarried and students if over 21

Spouse’s children under 21: Must be unmarried and under investor’s custody


Of any age

9 investment options for the Greece Golden Visa

Greece offers several options for investors to obtain a residence-by-investment visa. Most of them have to do with buying or renting real estate.

1. Real estate purchase — €250,000

After August 31st, 2024, the minimum investment requirement of €250,000 will increase to €400,000 and €800,000, depending on the region.

2. Rent of property for 10 years — €250,000

The investor rents a hotel or a tourist residence, making a one-time payment before getting a residence permit.

3. Timeshare for tourist accommodation — €250,000

The investor can sign an agreement that gives the right to use the property for specific periods.

4. Inheriting real estate or getting it as a gift — €250,000

The inheritor must pass Due Diligence and submit the documents required in the residence permit application.

5. Purchase of shares in mutual or alternative investment funds — €350,000

Investors buy shares in funds, which provide returns holdings across Greece.

6. Opening a bank deposit — €500,000

The investor deposits an investment amount in a term deposit bank account with automatic renewal.

7. Purchase of government bonds — €500,000

The investor buys shares of Greek government bonds.

8. Capital investments in Greek companies — €500,000

Investors contribute to a company based in Greece.

9. Purchase of corporate and government bonds listed for trading — €800,000

Investors collect a portfolio of stocks and government bonds traded on the Greek stock exchanges with no restrictions on the maturity of the bonds.

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Step-by-Step Process: How to Get a Greece Investor Visa

The Greece Golden Visa application process is relatively straightforward, with applicants receiving temporary residence status within one to two months after submission. There are several steps Involved in applying for the Golden Visa.


Select an investment option

1 month
Select an investment option

Choose between real estate or government bond investments based on your preferences and financial capabilities.


Gather necessary documents

1 month
Gather necessary documents

Collect all required documentation, including proof of funds and other personal identification documents.


Make the investment

1—3 months
Make the investment

You must transfer the required funds into your Greek bank account and complete the purchase or investment depending on the chosen option. Ensure all transactions are documented to provide proof of investment​.


Submit your application and get approval

2 months
Submit your application and get approval

Your legal representative will submit your completed application and supporting documents to the relevant Greek authorities for review.


Provide biometric data

7 days
Provide biometric data

Once approved, visit Greece to provide biometric data at a designated centre to obtain your residence permit card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Get the Greece Golden Visa?

    There are a few steps you need to follow. First, investors choose an investment option, such as real estate and government bonds. Then, they must prepare and submit the necessary documents and applications to the relevant authorities.

  • Will the Greece Golden Visa Program Change in 2024?

    Yes, for those investors who prefer to purchase real estate, the investment threshold of €250,000 is valid only until August 31st, 2024. After this date, the required investment amounts will increase to €400,000 or €800,000, depending on the specific region.

  • What is the Cost of a Golden Visa in Greece?

    To obtain a Greece residence permit, the applicant must invest at least €250,000 in the country’s economy. They can buy a home, deposit in a Greek bank, or invest in securities.

  • What Are the Benefits of the Greek Golden Visa?

    The Greek Golden Visa offers several benefits, such as a low investment threshold compared to other European countries' programs, a fast processing time for applications, family reunification options allowing dependents to be included in your application, long-term residency rights for you and your family members, and potential tax advantages for expats and foreign retirees.