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July 23, 2024
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How to Get Turkey Golden Visa: Your Essential Guide

Kenley Henderson

Investing in Turkey’s economy can be your ticket to Turkish citizenship through the Golden Visa program. Turkey is the place to be with benefits like free healthcare, quality education, and a rich cultural experience.

The requirement under the Turkish Golden Visa program is to make an investment. The most popular one is a purchase of real estate for at least $400,000. Other options include business investment, a bank deposit, purchase of government bonds or units in the investment funds.

This article will delve into all peculiarities of the Golden Visa program in Türkiye.

How to Get Turkey Golden Visa: Your Essential Guide

How to Get Turkey Golden Visa: Your Essential Guide

What Is the Turkey Golden Visa Program

The Turkey Golden Visa program is a fast track to Turkish citizenship for investors who desire to quickly become a citizen of another country. The main requirement is to invest in the Turkish economy, for example, in real estate or business.

There are several reasons to obtain a Turkish Golden Visa:

  1. Economic growth. Turkey’s booming economy offers endless opportunities for investors to grow their wealth.

  2. Access to healthcare. Turkey is known as a medical tourism country due to the high quality of healthcare. While tourists pay for all treatments, Turkish citizens can get them for free.

  3. Education. Your children can receive a top-notch education from some of the best universities in the world.

  4. Culture. Turkey has a rich history, diverse culture, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals.

  5. Travel privileges. With a Turkish Golden Visa, you can travel visa-free to 110+ countries, including Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. Plus, the EU has proposed offering Turkish citizens visa-free access to the Schengen Area, which could further enhance these benefits if approved.

The Turkey passport by investment program provides various investment options for potential investors. They can choose one that matches their financial aspirations and interests, for example, real estate or aiding business growth in Turkey.

Investment Options under the Program

Investment option

Minimum investment

Purchase of real estate


Business investment


Bank deposit


Purchase of government bonds


Purchase of units in an investment fund


Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Turkish real estate is one of the most popular ways to secure a Golden visa. Types of properties can range from luxury apartments in bustling cities like Istanbul or Ankara tranquil villas along the Aegean Sea coast, or even commercial properties. A minimum investment of $400,000 is necessary.

The investor can buy one property or several if their cumulative price is $400,000. It is required that the investor have a document that proves ownership, also called TAPU, for each of them. If TAPU still needs to be prepared, providing a preliminary sale-purchase agreement is essential.

An Example of a Property Available for Investors

Turkey Golden Visa

The investor must keep the property for at least 3 years to maintain the status. Then they can sell it to anybody

Requirements for the Investor and Their Family Members

To be eligible for the Turkish Golden Visa, you must:

  • be over 18;

  • have no criminal records or prosecutions and no serious illnesses;

  • be able to confirm the legality of the income.

Your family can be included in your application without any additional cost. Eligible family members are your spouse and kids under 18. You don’t need to file separate immigration applications.

When you apply for the Turkey Golden Visa, you’ll need to provide proof of relationship with the additional applicants, such as marriage or birth certificates, along with their passports.

Documents Required to Get Turkey Citizenship by Investment

The basic document package that you must collect includes the following:

  • copies of passport;

  • birth certificates;

  • no criminal record certificates;

  • bank statements;

  • proof of having made the necessary investment;

  • a Turkish tax number;

  • health insurance valid in Turkey;

  • passport-size photos.

Depending on your situation, you might need to provide additional papers.

You also need to get an eligibility certificate, a document granted to applicants allowing them to make an investment. Depending on the type of investment you need to address different institutions in Turkey:

  • purchase of real estate — Turkish Land Registry and Cadaster of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization;

  • a capital investment — Incentive Application and Foreign Capital of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology;

  • a deposit in a Turkish bank account — Department of Financial Consumer Relations of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency;

  • investment in government bonds — Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance;

  • purchase of units in an investment fund — Department of the Brokerage Activities of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey.

Step-by-step Process of Obtaining a Turkey Passport by Investment


1 day

Choose your investment

Decide which investment suits you best according to your financial situation and preferences.


2—4 weeks

Prepare necessary documentation

Gather documents, including a valid passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), proof of a clean criminal record, medical certificate, and documents pertaining to your investment.

Turkish authorities can also demand additional papers.


5—6 weeks

Make the investment

It might involve buying property, depositing money in a Turkish bank, investing in a business, or other investment options.


1 day

Submit an application

The citizenship application with all required documents is submitted to the relevant Turkish authority. It can be the consulate in your home country or the Immigration Office in Turkey. A residency permit will be issued initially.


3—4 months

Wait for verification and approval

After submitting your application, Turkish authorities will conduct a background check. After completing the review process and meeting the legal requirements, you will receive approval for citizenship.


2+ days

Obtain citizenship

Once your application is approved, you can take the oath and become a Turkish citizen. After obtaining your citizenship certificate, you can then apply for a Turkish passport.

The Validity of Turkey Investor Visa

Turkey investor visa is an equivalent of citizenship, so it is valid for life. However, you need to renew your passport every 10 years.

Key Features of Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

Under the Golden Visa program, one can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in the country’s economy.

There are 5 investment options:

  • purchase of real estate — $400,000+;

  • business investment — $500,000+;

  • bank deposit — $500,000+;

  • purchase of government bonds — $500,000+;

  • purchase of units in an investment fund — $500,000+.

With a Turkish passport, you can benefit from economic growth, social security, travel privileges and moving to Turkey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Purchasing Property?

    Yes, through the Turkey Golden Visa Program, foreign nationals can acquire Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate valued at $400,000 or more.

  • Is Obtaining a Golden Visa Hard?

    The process is straightforward but requires careful planning and adherence to the guidelines set out by the Turkish Ministry of Interior.

  • How Can You Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

    It is possible to obtain a Turkish passport by investment. There are five investment options:

    • purchase of real estate — $400,000+;

    • business investment — $500,000+;

    • bank deposit — $500,000+;

    • purchase of government bonds — $500,000+;

    • purchase of units in an investment fund — $500,000+.

  • Does Turkey Allow Triple Citizenship?

    Turkey has no restrictions on multiple nationalities, but your home country’s dual or multiple nationalities laws will also apply.