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April 1, 2024
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Italian Golden Visa by Business Investment

Brittany Collins

Italy’s Golden Visa by business investment has gained significant traction in recent years, attracting wealthy individuals seeking to enjoy the benefits of Italian residency. The minimal investment in a government-approved innovative startup is €250,000, in an Italian company — €500,000.

We’ll discuss essential information on application processes and documentation required for securing your visa successfully. We also highlight some notable benefits beyond residency alone — including access to alternative tax structures and freedom to conduct business activities within Italy.

Italian Golden Visa by Business Investment

Italian Golden Visa by Business Investment

Business Investment Opportunities to Get Italian Residence

The Italian Golden Visa program offers diverse investment options aligning with personal interests and financial goals, benefiting investors and Italy’s economy.

Italy’s Investor Visa program allows investors to choose from low-risk company stocks or local startups, catering to different risk profiles and preferences:

  1. Company stocks. An opportunity to invest in established Italian companies with growth potential, enabling capital appreciation and dividend payouts.

  2. Local startups. For those interested in supporting innovation within Italy’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by injecting much-needed funds into promising early-stage ventures.

The Italian Golden Visa program attracts valuable capital resources needed to drive innovation and create jobs in local communities nationwide, bolstering key industries such as technology development (Italian startups) and infrastructure projects.

Additionally, foreign investment can help stimulate Italy’s real estate market, positively impacting housing prices and contributing towards urban regeneration efforts across Italian cities.

Minimal Investment Business Requirements

The Italian Golden Visa program offers wealthy individuals and families the opportunity to obtain Italian residency through various investment options, including government bonds, company stocks, and innovative startups.

Business investment options available under the Golden Visa program:

  • €250,000 in innovative startups: support local startups by investing in startups registered within Italy’s territory;

  • €500,000 in company stocks: Invest in small and medium-sized enterprises or larger companies listed on an Italian stock exchange.

Under the Italy Golden Visa program, a two-year residence visa is granted. If the investment is kept up, it can be extended for three years.

Who is Eligible to Obtain an Italy Golden Visa

To be eligible for the Italy Investor Visa program, applicants must:

  • have no criminal record;

  • demonstrate legally acquired financial assets sufficient to cover their intended investment;

  • provide proof of accommodation in Italy.

Each type of investment has its specific criteria, which must be met before the investor visa committee approves. For example, those looking to invest in Italian startups must provide a detailed business plan outlining the company’s growth strategy and potential for job creation within Italy.

By including family members in your Italy Golden Visa application, you can establish a new life together in Europe while enjoying the benefits of Italian residency:

  • eligible family members: spouses, financially dependent children and parents;

  • fees: adding family members to your residence permit application requires an additional cost of €25,000 per person;

  • application process: to include family members under this scheme, provide their personal information and supporting documentation such as birth certificates or marriage licences, and proof of financial dependency if applicable.

Italy Investor Visa by investing in business

Italy is a particularly desirable destination to reside in due to the large number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites there. It has superb connections to the rest of Europe and the world because of its location

Application Process and Documentation

Getting an Italy Investor Visa is straightforward, requiring applicants to provide the necessary documentation and complete a simple online application.

Applicants can apply for an Italy Investor Visa Nulla Osta by visiting the official website and filling out the required forms, making the submission process quick and easy.

Required documents checklist:

  1. Copies of passports. Applicants must provide clear copies of their passports as proof of identity.

  2. Curriculum Vitae, a CV detailing professional experience and qualifications, is required from each applicant.

  3. Evidence of financial resources. Proof of access to funds needed for investment/donation purposes must be provided through bank statements or other documentation.

  4. No criminal charges certification. A document certifying no pending criminal charges against any applicant is essential.

Once all documents are submitted and meet the requirements, applicants will receive their Nulla Osta certification, granting permission to apply directly at the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate office abroad.

Maintaining Investments and Renewing Visas

As an Italy Investor Visa holder, it’s important to keep your investments current and active to renew your visa after two years.

Requirements for maintaining investments:

  • keep your financial assets above the minimum investment threshold required by the Italian Golden Visa Program;

  • actively participate in the management or development of your investment to show your commitment to Italy’s economy;

  • meet all tax obligations related to your assets according to Italian law.

To renew your Italian Golden Visa, you’ll need to provide an updated CV and a detailed report on how you’ve maintained and managed your investments over time:

  1. An updated CV details your professional experience and achievements since obtaining your original investor visa.

  2. A detailed report outlining how you have maintained and managed your chosen investments over time, including relevant financial statements where applicable.


Italy’s Golden Visa program offers wealthy individuals an attractive option to invest in the country and obtain residency. The business investment options include innovative startups and company stocks with reduced minimum requirements. The application process can be completed online on the official website.

Beyond residency, investors can benefit from alternative tax structures and conduct business activities freely. The flexibility in investment options allows personal interests to align with contributing positively to Italy’s economy. Maintaining chosen investments during the stay and meeting renewal requirements after two years is important.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Business Investment Required for Italy Golden Visa Program

    Invest a minimum of €250,000 in an innovative Italian startup or a €500,000 in an existing Italian company to obtain permanent residency through the Italy Golden Visa Program.

  • How to Get Italian Residency by Investment

    Choose a suitable investment option, submit your application online, obtain Nulla Osta certification, apply for an entry visa at your nearest Italian embassy, and apply for a residence permit within eight days of entering Italy.

  • Can I work in Italy with a Golden Visa?

    Successful applicants will have the right to work in Italy without restrictions and additional document requests.

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