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April 1, 2024
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Italy Residency by Investment for Indians: Complete Guide

Kenley Henderson

Wealthy Indians can acquire residency and a desirable lifestyle with various business prospects by investing in the Italian economy starting at €250,000. Indian families can apply for Italian passports after 10 years of residence.

We will provide an overview of the program, including its investment opportunities and two-year renewable visa feature. You’ll learn about the qualifying investments required to be eligible for Italy’s golden visa, such as philanthropic donations or business ventures.

Italy Residency by Investment for Indians: Complete Guide

Italy Residency by Investment for Indians: Complete Guide

Italy Golden Visa Program: Overview

The Italian Investor Visa is a two-year renewable visa that allows wealthy Indian citizens to invest in Italy and enjoy living in this stunning country.

Foreign nationals can obtain Italian residency by investing in the country’s economy, with the initial visa valid for two years and renewable every three years.

Benefits of the Italian Golden Visa:

  • low minimum investment threshold — €250,000;

  • right to live, work and study in Italy;

  • no need to live in Italy full-time;

  • special tax regime;

  • including family members in the application;

  • potential eligibility for Italian citizenship after 10 years;

  • visa-free travel throughout the Schengen Area;

  • business activities within Europe;

  • historical sites and natural wonders.

Italy offers various investment options under its Golden Visa program, ranging from philanthropic donations to business investments, contributing positively towards Italy’s economic growth and development:

  • innovative startups: invest a minimum of €250,000 into an innovative startup company registered with the Italian Chamber of Commerce;

  • business investment: invest at least €500,000 into an existing Italian company to promote growth and expansion;

  • philanthropic donations: donate €1 million or more towards projects supporting culture, education, research or immigration management within Italy;

  • government bonds: purchase government bonds worth €2 million.

It’s essential to note that, unlike other countries' programs, Italy does not have a real estate investment option, making the Italian Golden Visa program more focused on promoting economic growth and development through various sectors of its economy.

Consider other golden visa programs which allow investors to rent or buy real estate.

European Residency Programs with Real Estate Investment Options

Investment program

Real estate investment options

🇲🇹 Malta residence permit


When renting real estate in the south of Malta or on the Gozo island

🇲🇹 Malta Permanent Residence Programme


When renting real estate in the south of Malta or on the Gozo island

🇬🇷 Greece residence permit


🇵🇹 Portugal residence permit


🇨🇾 Cyprus permanent residency


🇪🇸 Spain residence permit


Who Are Eligible To Get Italy Golden Visa with Investor

Acquiring residency through Italy’s Golden Visa program allows your spouse, children and parents to become Italian residents without additional costs.

Eligible family members:

  • spouse: your partner can obtain Italian residency alongside you;

  • children: children under 18 or financially dependent adult children up to 26 are eligible for residency;

  • parents: your parents, who rely on you for financial support, can join you in Italy if they meet specific requirements.

The Italian Golden Visa program offers competitive advantages over similar programs like the Portugal and Cyprus golden visas, with lower minimum investment amounts and more diverse investment opportunities. Italy also does not impose physical presence requirements on its residents.

Investing in Italy grants residency and allows conducting business freely, generating rental income, or retiring comfortably under advantageous tax conditions.

Required Documents to Obtain Italy Residency for Indians

To get Italy residency, Indian citizens prepare documents, such as the following:

  1. Passport.

  2. The written Declaration of Commitment of investing in the Italian economy.

  3. Documents confirming the availability to invest, reside in Italy and cover health expenses.

  4. The marriage certificate.

  5. The written proof of family status.

  6. Certificate of no criminal record.

  7. Health insurance policy.

  8. A Nulla Osta certificate.

  9. A certificate of professional experience.

  10. The contract of the purchase or lease of residential property in Italy.

How to Apply for Italy's Golden Visa Program


7+ days

Submitting a request for a Nulla Osta

Nulla Osta is a certificate which confirms the absence of obstacles to obtaining a Golden Visa. The Indian investor can apply for a visa within six months of Nulla Osta approval. The investor must do the following:

  1. Visit the official Italian government website for investor visas.

  2. Create an account using your email and password.

  3. Select the investment option that suits your needs.

  4. Upload all required documentation, including personal identification and proof of investment funds.

  5. Submit your application and wait for approval.


30 days

Obtaining a Nulla Osta

The Investor Visa Committee reviews the application, and either approves or rejects it or requests additional documents.

The certificate is valid for six months from the issue date.


7+ days

Submitting an investor visa application

The application is submitted to an Italian Consulate or Embassy in the country of residence. The consular visa fee is €116 per applicant.


Up to 120 days

Obtaining an investor visa

The Consulate reviews the provided documents and decides on visa issuance.


7+ days

Travelling to Italy and submitting a residence permit application

Within 8 days after entering Italy, the investor has to personally visit the Questura, i.e. the Police office, and request an Investor Residence Permit.

The investor needs to submit the arrival date, the location of the Questura and the date of application in the Questura via the Investor Visa Committee portal.

Costs at this stage are about €100.


Up to 3 months


Within 3 months from the application date, the investor must fully transfer the funds and provide confirmation documents.

In case this condition is not met, the visa is cancelled.


30+ days

Getting a Residence Permit card

After documents are provided, and the investment is made, the Migration Service of Italy reviews the application and issues a residence permit card.

The initial residence card is issued for two years, with the possibility of extending for another three years. The investor can apply for permanent residence after residing in Italy for five years. Five more years later, i.e. ten years in total, the investor gets the right to apply for citizenship.

Italian Regions to Immigrate From India

Rome is the capital of Italy and the largest city in the country. It is a lovely and comfortable place to live since it offers all the essentials for a fulfilling life:

  • a developed infrastructure;

  • transportation accessibility;

  • stunning architecture, a vibrant nightlife;

  • a pleasant climate with up to 320 sunny days per year;

  • proximity to the sea and the Alps within a few hours.

Rome places much emphasis on the cult of food. The goods are consistently high-quality and fresh, particularly the wine, meat, and cheese.

Milan is a thriving metropolis known for its business, banking, and fashion. This vibrant place is a popular choice for Indians looking for a fast-paced city lifestyle and job prospects.

With its abundance of upscale boutiques, designer stores, and year-round fashion events, Milan is one of the world’s fashion capitals. The city is an essential centre for business and finance, with a strong economy and a wide range of employment options in sectors like finance, technology, and design.

Sardinia is a gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Sea that provides a rare combination of breathtaking natural beauty, a rich cultural legacy, and a leisurely pace of life. Indian expats and digital nomads looking for a tranquil and relaxed lifestyle frequently choose this location.

Sardinia is renowned for its immaculate beaches, clean waters, and magnificent landscapes, making it a haven for those who enjoy the outdoors and the beach. The island has a dynamic local culture expressed in its music, cuisine, and traditions and a rich cultural heritage.

How to get Italy Golden Visa from India

St. Peter’s Basilica is the most significant of the four principal basilicas in Rome, making it the most important Catholic Church on Earth

Tax Benefits for Indian Citizens with Italy Golden Visa

Italy’s Golden Visa program offers tax incentives for high net worth individuals, including a flat tax regime that allows foreign residents to pay a fixed annual amount on their worldwide income.

The Indians become tax residents after spending at least 183 days per year in Italy. To apply for a special tax regime, they must pay an annual tax of €100,000 and an additional €25,000 for each family member.

The Indian citizens become exempt from taxes on profit outside Italy. They must only pay gift and inheritance taxes on Italian assets. The validation period of the special tax regime is 15 years.

Get EU Citizenship through Italy’s Golden Visa Program

The Italy Golden Visa program offers a unique opportunity to acquire European Union citizenship without the hassle of physical presence.

To be qualified for EU citizenship via this investment path, a 10-year legal residence in Italy is necessary; the investor visa must be renewed every two or three years.

Requirements for Italian Citizenship through Investment:

  • hold a valid residence permit for at least ten years;

  • demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Italian language (B1 level);

  • pass an integration test on Italy’s history, culture, and institutions.

By choosing the Italy Golden Visa program, you’ll have a flexible and convenient path to EU citizenship with fast application processing, attractive investment options, and no strict physical presence requirements.

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to secure long-term access to Europe.


The Italian Golden Visa program offers a unique opportunity to obtain residency rights, access to a high standard of living, and potential citizenship in exchange for qualifying investments. Wealthy Indians can acquire residency by making investments in the Italian economy starting at €250,000.

Investing in Italian businesses or making philanthropic donations are great ways to meet the investment requirement under the straightforward application process.

Maintaining investments can lead to tax benefits, and after ten years of legal residence, there’s even a potential path to EU citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Indians Get Residence Permits in Italy?

    Yes, Indian citizens can obtain residency in Italy through various routes under the Golden Visa program, which requires a minimum investment of €250,000.

  • How Much Money Do I Need to Invest to Get Residency in Italy?

    To qualify for residency through the Italian Golden Visa program, you must invest under one of four options:

    1. Innovative startups: invest a minimum of €250,000 into an innovative startup company registered with the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

    2. Business investment: invest at least €500,000 into an existing Italian company to promote growth and expansion.

    3. Philanthropic donations: donate €1 million or more towards projects supporting culture, education, research or immigration management within Italy.

    4. Government bonds: purchase government bonds worth €2 million.

  • Can I Get Residency in Italy if I Buy Property?

    Purchasing property does not grant residency rights. You may consider other golden visa programs which allow investors to rent or buy real estates, such as Malta, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Portugal.

  • Can I Get a Golden Visa in Italy?

    Absolutely. The Italy Golden Visa Program allows non-EU citizens who make qualifying investments to obtain renewable temporary residence permits until they become eligible for permanent residency after 5 years and EU citizenship after 10 years.

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