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April 1, 2024
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How to Get St Lucia Golden Visa Successfully: a Full Guide

Brittany Collins - head of legal department

Suppose you want to learn how to get a St Lucia Golden Visa. In that case, our comprehensive guide will provide all the essential details you need: what requirements you must meet, what documents you need, and how long it will take to obtain a passport.

The program offers a unique opportunity for wealthy individuals seeking an alternative passport and offers visa-free access to numerous countries. The main requirement is to invest in the country's economy at least $100,000.

Keep reading to learn more.

Guide on How to Get St Lucia Golden Visa

How to Get St Lucia Golden Visa Successfully: a Full Guide

St Lucia’s Golden Visa Program

Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, also known as the Golden Visa program, is a smart way for wealthy individuals to acquire Saint Lucian citizenship while contributing to the country’s economic growth.

The program was launched in 2015. When participating in it, one is not required to visit St Lucia as all the procedures can be finished remotely. For this reason, applicants must have a licensed agent to conduct the whole process on behalf of the investor. In general, the process of acquiring a Golden Visa takes at least 4 months.

St Lucia offers four investment options for foreign investors:

  • non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund;

  • real estate purchase;

  • bond purchase;

  • business investment.

5 Benefits of Holding St Lucia Citizenship

St Lucia citizenship comes with many benefits.

1. Tax benefits. St Lucia has no capital gains, inheritance and wages taxes, and non-resident citizens don’t have to pay income tax on their worldwide income.

2. Mobility. A St Lucia passport allows you to travel visa-free to over 140 countries, including the European Union. No more visa applications or long embassy wait times.

3. 10-year US tourist visa. St Lucia passport holders can quickly get a B‑1/B‑2 US visa for 10 years. With it, they can stay in the country for up to 6 months a year.

4. Safety & stability. St Lucia boasts a safe reputation due to its stable political environment and low crime rate. Most visits are trouble-free, but usual precautions are recommended.

5. Plan B. With citizenship you can always move to St Lucia and stay there for as long as you want. It is beneficial in case of danger in your country of origin or residence.

Investing in real estate for St Lucia Golden Visa

Investors often decide to invest in real estate in St Lucia to rent it out or live in the country during holidays.

The minimum investment is $200,000. With this sum, one can purchase shares in hotel complexes. This option includes an opportunity to live in a hotel for two weeks a year.

Another path is to buy an apartment or villa, which generally costs more than $200,000. Expect to pay from $400,000 for an apartment up to 200 ㎡. A villa will cost at least $1,000,000. The sum highly depends on the location of a residential property.

The applicant must also pay a non-refundable state fee of $30,000+ when investing.

An example of a property available for real estate investors

Guide on How to Obtain St Lucia Golden Visa

The investor must own property for at least 5 years to keep St Lucia citizenship. Then it can be sold, and the cost will be returned

Invest in the National Fund, bonds or a business

Besides buying a property, investors can make a non-refundable contribution, purchase bonds or invest in a business.

Other investment options under the St Lucia citizenship program

Type of the investment

Minimum investment

Non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund


Government bond purchase


Business investment


Non-refundable contribution. The sum of investment depends on the family composition. The sole investor pays $100,000, a married couple — $140,000, a family of four — $150,000. If there are more than 4 people additional $15,000 for each family member is paid.

Government bond purchase. The investor must buy non-interest-bearing bonds for at least $300,000. It is possible to redeem them and return the money 5 years later. Additionally, it is required to pay an administrative fee of $50,000.

Business investment. The government must approve a chosen business project. A sole applicant must invest at least $3,500,000, a group of applicants — at least $6,000,000. The minimum share of every investor is $1,000,000.

It is also required to pay an administrative fee of $50,000 and other additional fees of $25,000.

In all cases, the investor must pay Due Diligence fees depending on the number of applicants.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying

Before applying for a St Lucia passport, meet the eligibility requirements. The government has set specific criteria for every main applicant to be considered for the golden visa program.

Character Requirements. Applicants must be over 18, possess a clean legal history and be in good physical condition to qualify for the golden visa program. The Lucian authorities will conduct a thorough background check on each applicant and their dependents over 16 years old.

Family inclusion. The investor can include in the application their:

  • spouse;

  • financially dependent children under 30;

  • financially dependent parents over 55;

  • siblings under 18 if they have a parent’s or a guardian’s consent to take part in the program.

Required documents. The investor provides documents that prove their identity and financial capacity.

The basic list includes the following:

  • an application form;

  • a copy of a passport;

  • birth certificates;

  • a marriage certificate, if applicable;

  • bank statements;

  • a certificate of no criminal record;

  • proof of paid fees;

  • passport-sized photos;

  • a CV;

  • a medical certificate;

  • an investment confirmation letter;

  • an authorized agent form.

All documents must be translated into English and notarized.

How to Get a Golden Visa for Lucia


1 day

Choose a licensed agent

They’ll help you with paperwork, investment options, and liaising with government authorities. Make sure they’re legit and meet Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme criteria.


2—4 weeks

Collect and submit the necessary documents

Submit various documents that verify your identity, financial status, and health condition. It includes a completed application form, certified copies of passports or other travel documents, a birth certificate, and evidence of residential address.

Remember to pay the applicable fees covering processing costs and due diligence requirements.


3 months

Undergo Due Diligence

The prepared documents are sent to the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment unit. The latter checks the investor and their family members against different databases to make sure they have a good reputation and financial stability.

Every person over 16 included in the application must undergo Due Diligence.


Up to 90 days

Fulfill investment conditions

When your application is approved, you must make a chosen investment: transfer money, buy bonds or real estate, or invest in a business.

The process must be finished within 90 days.


Up to 6 weeks

Collect passports

The CBI unit issues certificates of naturalization and passports within 4 weeks. The investor doesn’t need to come to St Lucia to collect the documents. Courier can send them to the investor’s home address.


If you’re a wealthy individual looking for a second passport, St Lucia’s Golden Visa program may be an attractive option. Eligible applicants can obtain citizenship and reap the benefits of holding a St Lucian passport by investing at least $100,000 in the National Fund. Investment in government bonds, real estate or business require more money.

Strict eligibility criteria and Due Diligence formalities must be met before being approved for the program. Working with licensed agents and submitting all necessary documents ensures a smooth application process.

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