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Last reviewed on July 6, 2024

Cyprus Golden Visa

Obtaining permanent residency in a Mediterranean country with tax preferences

Cyprus Golden Visa

Obtaining permanent residency in Cyprus is a unique opportunity for non-EU and non-EEA citizens and their families to secure legal permanent residence in Europe by investing in the country’s economy.

The Cyprus Golden Visa program offers a range of investment options and benefits for wealthy individuals. Popular choices include real estate investments and shares in local companies. Investors also enjoy the eligibility for European citizenship.

Cyprus permanent residency provides business opportunities, better quality of life prospects for families, and educational options for children.


Minimum investment

9+ months

Processing time


Validity period

7 Key Benefits of the Cyprus Golden Visa

  • 1

    Residency rights

    Investors and their families can obtain permanent residency in Cyprus, allowing them to live, work, and study there. The program allows for the inclusion of dependent family members, such as spouses and children.

  • 2

    Fast processing

    The application process for the Cyprus Golden Visa is relatively quick, taking about 9 months to complete.

  • 3

    Real estate investment

    The most common way to qualify for the Cyprus Golden Visa is through a real estate investment. Investors can purchase residential or commercial property; the minimum investment threshold is €300,000.

  • 4

    Investment flexibility

    While real estate is the most common investment route, the Cyprus Golden Visa program also allows for investments in other sectors. Purchasing Cypriot securities or a company is also an option, provided they meet the minimum investment criteria of €300,000.

  • 5

    Tax benefits

    Cyprus offers favourable tax rates for residents, including no tax on worldwide dividends, no inheritance tax, and relatively low income tax rates. Legal entities enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in the EU at 12,5%.

  • 6

    Education and healthcare

    Golden Visa holders can access Cyprus’s high-quality education and healthcare systems.

  • 7

    Citizenship pathway

    After holding a Golden Visa for usually five years, investors can apply for Cypriot citizenship, which grants them all the rights and benefits of EU citizenship.

Who Can Get Cyprus Residency by Investment


Over 18

With confirmed legal income of at least €50,000 per year

Without a criminal record

Not under sanctions

With a medical report and insurance


Over 18

In an officially registered marriage or civil partnership

Children up to 25

If under 18: No specific conditions

If aged 18 to 25: Must be students, unmarried, and financially dependent on the investor

Investment Options for Obtaining Permanent Residency in Cyprus

There are four investment options for applying to the Cyprus Golden Visa Program. All options require a minimum investment of €300,000. The payment must originate from outside the country. Additional expenses can include VAT, fees, and legal services.

1. Purchase of residential real estate

This option allows the purchase of one or two new properties with a total cost of at least €300,000 plus VAT. The standard VAT rate in Cyprus is 19%, but it is reduced to 5% if the investor buys the real estate solely for housing and does not plan to rent it.

2. Purchase of a commercial property

This includes offices, hotels, and stores. An investor can buy one or two properties, either new or resale, with a total investment of €300,000 or more plus VAT. In this case, VAT cannot be reduced.

3. Equity investment in a Cypriot company

An investor buys shares of a local company worth at least €300,000. The company must operate and have its office in the Republic of Cyprus, employing at least five people.

4. Purchase of the Cypriot securities

An investment of €300,000 or more should be made in units of the country’s funds in AIF, AIFNLP, or RAIF. Confirmation of the transactions costs around €1,000.

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Step-by-Step Process: How to Get Cyprus Permanent Residence

Cyprus offers a Golden Visa program catering to wealthy individuals looking to invest in Cypriot property, investment funds, or companies. The application process takes about 9 months.


Choosing an investment option

2 weeks
Choosing an investment option

Immigration experts will explain the nuances of all investment types and advise on the most suitable option, considering the investor’s preferences.


Collection of documents

1+ month
Collection of documents

Investors must provide personal identification papers and documents confirming the sources of the invested funds. A lawyer assists with obtaining medical insurance, real estate agreements, document translation and apostille, and other legal matters.


Submitting the required documents

1 day
Submitting the required documents

The applicant does not need to visit the island, as agents in Cyprus can submit the documents on their behalf. The government reviews the application within 2 to 4 months.


Application approval

2+ months
Application approval

The Migration service issues a letter of approval for the application.


Receiving a residence card

2—3 days
Receiving a residence card

The investors must visit the island to submit their biometrics. The Cyprus permanent residence card is issued in about 40 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can get a Cyprus Golden Visa?

    Investors and their families, specifically spouses and financially dependent children under 25, can obtain Cyprus Golden Visas. They must invest a minimum of €300,000 in real estate or securities.

    Applicants must also meet certain eligibility requirements, such as having a clean criminal record and the ability to support themselves financially.

  • How to get permanent residency in Cyprus?

    A person can get permanent residency in Cyprus by investing a minimum of €300,000 in residential or commercial real estate, shares, or securities. They must also have an annual income of €50,000 from outside the country. The process takes nine or more months.

  • What amount of investment is needed to obtain a Cyprus Golden Visa?

    An applicant should invest €300,000 in real estate, a business, or securities to obtain a Cyprus Golden Visa. The applicant must also have an annual income of €50,000, plus an extra €15,000 per year for a spouse and €10,000 for a child.

  • What are the benefits of the Cyprus Golden Visa?

    A Cyprus Golden Visa allows investors to obtain residency rights in exchange for significant investments in the country’s economy. It provides business opportunities, better quality of life prospects for families, and educational options for children.