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My Golden Visa is a trusted resource for investors who want to learn how to gain the freedom to travel and immigrate with European or UAE Golden Visas.

Why trust My Golden Visa website:

  • up-to-date information — all the information provided is current and reflects the latest Golden Visas developments.

  • verified sources — we meticulously gather information from verified and credible sources, including legal acts, official government websites and reliable immigration agencies.

  • confirmed expertise of the authors — our team consists of knowledgeable experts with extensive experience in the field of Golden Visas and immigration. They possess the necessary expertise to provide accurate and reliable information.

  • comprehensive coverage — our materials offer a comprehensive overview of the UAE and European Golden Visa, including their specific requirements and application processes.

  • transparent visa acquisition process — we aim to demystify the visa acquisition process by providing clear and concise explanations of the steps involved and the approximate duration of each stage.

  • At My Golden Visa, we strive to empower our readers with accurate, trustworthy, and practical information, enabling them to navigate the world of Golden Visas with confidence and ease.

Our team

The skilled professionals comprising the My Golden Visa team possess extensive experience in handling Schengen visas, having provided guidance to applicants from various nations for numerous years:

  • Brittany Collins has successfully guided over 500 clients through the Golden Visa process for Europe and the UAE since the early 2000s, establishing her as an authority in global immigration consulting;

  • Kenley Henderson has successfully steered over 700 clients through the intricacies of the European Golden Visa acquisition. His expertise and high success rate underpin his international migration services industry standing.

Their vigilance regarding updates in visa issuance requirements ensures that they possess the most current information. These experts are well-versed in all intricacies and are capable of addressing any inquiries you may have.

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