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July 23, 2024
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How to Get Thailand Golden Visa: Essential Steps & Benefits

Kenley Henderson

If you’re looking to secure your future in the Land of Smiles, understanding how to get a Thailand Golden Visa is paramount. Here we provide a comprehensive guide with details on associated costs, eligibility criteria and programs such as “Elite Residence Program”.

Costs associated with the Thai Golden Visa can vary from $18,000 to $300,000 depending on the option.

Navigating the Thai Golden Visa application procedure can be a challenge, but we have compiled an easy-to-follow guide to help applicants. Renewal policies linked with each type of permit are also explored in detail.

How to Get Thailand Golden Visa: Essential Steps & Benefits

How to Get Thailand Golden Visa: Essential Steps & Benefits

What is the Thai Golden Visa Program?

The Thai Golden Visa program is a dream come true for wealthy globetrotters who want to call Thailand their home for up to 20 years without any visa hassles. The investment program is run by Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., a Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports subsidiary.

The Thai Golden Visa program is a part of the Elite Residence Program that offers long-term residency options to foreign families, expats and investors. It’s a flexible scheme that allows visa holders to enter and exit Thailand multiple times during their validity period without any restrictions.

8 Visa Categories to Get Thailand Golden Visa



1. Elite Easy Access

for 5 years

$19,000 designed for individual businesspersons or expats. Cannot add dependents.

2. Elite Privilege Access

for 10 years

$30,000 designed for individual businesspersons or expats. $24,150 to add a dependent. The visa is renewed after 5 years for another 5 years.

3. Elite Family Excursion

for 5 years

$24,150 has been designated for couples. $9,050 per dependent.

4. Elite Family Alternative

for 10 years

$24,150 for the first applicant, $21,150 per dependent added.The visa is renewed after 5 years for another 5 years.

5. Elite Superiority Extension

for 20 years

$30,000 designed for individual businesspersons or expats. Cannot add dependents. The visa is renewed in 5 year intervals.

6. Elite Ultimate Privilege

for 20 years

$60,000 designed for individual businesspersons or expats. The membership may be transferred to another family member once. The visa is renewed in 5 year intervals.

7. Elite Family Premium

for 20 years

$60,000 for the first applicant. $30,000 per dependent added. The membership may be transferred to another family member once. The visa is renewed in 5 year intervals.

8. Flexible One Program

for 5 years

$300,000 in Thai real estate. Upgrade to Privilege Access, Ultimate Privilege, or Superior Extension after two years.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying

To be eligible for residency in Thailand, cosmopolitans might pay a membership fee to the Thailand Elite Residence Program. The length of time that a person may stay in Thailand depends on the Elite Visa package. After arriving in Thailand, program participants are issued an Elite Visa.

Basic eligibility criteria for all applicants:

  1. Valid immigration status: you must have entered Thailand legally and not overstayed your visa.

  2. No criminal record: you should have a clean background check.

  3. Good health: you need to be physically fit and free from any contagious diseases or mental disorders.

Make sure all documentation is translated into English and certified by the respective embassy or consulate before submission. Meeting these eligibility criteria doesn’t guarantee approval, but it certainly increases your chances. Apply now and experience the beauty and charm of the Land of Smiles without worrying about constant visa renewals.

Key Benefits of the Thai Golden Visa Program

With a one-time payment for membership into this elite club, the Thai Golden Visa program is a steal compared to other countries' golden visa programs that require substantial investments or property purchases.

Thailand Elite Visa benefits include the following:

  • long term validity period: no more visa renewals every few months;

  • fast obtaining process: getting visa usually takes 1—2 months;

  • VIP treatment: exclusive perks like expedited immigration procedures and limousine transfers from airports within Thailand;

  • lifestyle advantages: free yearly medical checkups at first-class hospitals and complimentary green fees at world-renowned golf courses across the country;

  • tax incentives: depending on your home country’s tax laws regarding foreign income and residence status abroad, there could be potential tax benefits too.

Thai Golden Visa Benefits

Thailand offers a vibrant and exciting lifestyle with a wide range of activities. There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy shopping, nightlife, water sports, or cultural experiences

Costs Associated with The Thai Golden Visa

The Thai Golden Visa, part of the Thailand Elite Residence Program, is an attractive option for wealthy individuals seeking long-term stays in Thailand. However, this exclusive benefit carries a hefty fee.

Additional expenses associated with obtaining visa:

  • mandatory health insurance: all foreign nationals applying for long-term visas, including retirement visas, must have health insurance coverage from a local or overseas provider covering outpatient treatment worth not less than THB 40,000 and inpatient treatment worth not less than $ 400,000;

  • government fees: there may be government fees involved when applying for your Thai non-immigrant visa, which vary depending on nationality and type of application submitted;

  • maintenance costs: if you plan on buying property as part of your investment strategy, maintenance charges will also apply, depending on location and size.

The cost of obtaining a Thai Elite Residence Permit may be substantial, yet with the advantages it brings, including fiscal benefits, access to public healthcare facilities and living in an idyllic country, many deem it worthwhile.

The Thai Golden Visa scheme offers three popular programs that cater to different needs and financial capabilities of the applicants. Each program is designed with specific benefits, offering a unique blend of privileges for those who choose Thailand as their second home.

Elite Ultimate Privilege: The Ultimate Choice. The Elite Ultimate Privilege is the most premium option available under this scheme. It comes with a twenty-year residence visa, making it an ideal choice for long-term stay options in Thailand. This package costs approximately 65k USD but provides extensive perks such as complimentary limousine transfers, annual health check-ups at top hospitals, golfing privileges, and much more.

Elite Privilege Access: Perfect for Families. Designed for families seeking to relocate or retire in Thailand, the 'Elite Privilege Access' offers a ten-year residence visa at around 30k USD (1 m THB). It includes similar benefits as its ultimate counterpart but extends them to include family members too.

Elite Easy Access: Affordable and Convenient.The 'Elite Easy Access' offers a five-year residence visa at almost half the cost compared to other two schemes i.e., roughly equivalent to almost 20K USD. Despite being less costly than its counterparts, Elite Easy Access doesn’t skimp on providing essential services like airport services and assistance during immigration procedures — ensuring your arrival and departure from Thailand are smooth experiences.

Consider factors such as how long you plan on staying in Thailand, what amenities you desire access to, and your budgetary constraints before choosing one over others within the same category. Remember, these aren’t just visas; they’re also lifestyle packages, so take time to evaluate each carefully before finalizing any decisions regarding the same.

Application Process & Renewal Policies

How to apply for a Thai Golden Visa. The Thai Golden Visa application process is easy and efficient, handled primarily through the Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd (TPC). This makes it simple for visa holders to stay in Thailand for up to 90 days per visit before exiting again.


7 days

Contact TPC

Reach out to TPC directly or via an authorized sales agent to start the application process. Complete an online form on the TPC website to initiate your application.


1 month

Fulfill application requirements

TPC will guide you through the necessary documents needed for your Thai non-immigrant visa application, including passport copies, bank statements, and other relevant documents depending on your chosen program.


2 days

Paying fees

After submitting all required documents and getting approval from the immigration office, applicants need to pay fees associated with their chosen long-term visa program such as Elite Ultimate Privilege or Elite Easy Access.


2 weeks

Acknowledgement letter

Upon receiving payment confirmation, TPC issues an acknowledgement letter which confirms your membership in Thailand elite residence program and serves as proof during your privilege entry visa stamping at any Thai embassy worldwide.

While this may seem like a straightforward process, nuances may require expert guidance. It’s always recommended to seek advice from professionals experienced in dealing with global investment opportunities.

Renewal policies for each type of permit. All types of visas under this scheme, including five-year tourist visas (Elite Easy Access), ten-year family-oriented visas (Elite Privilege Access), or twenty-year visas (Ultimate Privilege), come with renewable options upon expiry.

However, renewal conditions vary based on specific programs. For instance, holders of ultimate privilege entry visas enjoy unlimited renewals, whereas others might face certain restrictions. Therefore, consulting experts prior to making a final decision could prove beneficial, especially when navigating the complex world of international investments where laws and regulations constantly evolve over time.

Thailand Permanent Residency and Citizenship

Obtaining a Thailand Golden Visa does not lead to permanent resident status or citizenship within the country.

To become a Thai permanent resident, applicants must have had a Thai non-immigrant visa for at least three years prior to the submission of the application and must have three consecutive yearly extensions in order to qualify. The applicant must also be a holder of a non-immigrant visa at the time of submitting the permanent residence application.

An application for citizenship can be filed to become a Thai naturalized citizen after holding permanent resident status in Thailand for 10 consecutive years. Thailand does not recognize dual citizenship, but there are exceptions.


By meeting the eligibility criteria and paying associated costs, applicants can choose from 8 programs under the Thai Golden Visa to suit their needs. The obtaining process will take about two months. The minimum investment required is $18,000.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get Thailand Golden Visa, it’s important to understand the application process and renewal policies before making your decision.

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