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April 1, 2024
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How to Get Italy Golden Visa by Purchasing Government Bonds

Brittany Collins

Italy’s Golden Visa program, so-called "dolce visa", offers an attractive opportunity for wealthy individuals seeking to obtain residency in the European Union through investment. One of the most appealing options within this program is obtaining an Italy Golden Visa by purchasing government bonds for €2 million.

You’ll learn about the steps in applying for an Italian investor visa and the expected processing times from submission to approval. Additionally, we’ll discuss how residence permits can be extended beyond their initial two-year duration under certain conditions.

Our discussion on family reunification opportunities outlines eligibility criteria for family members joining primary applicants and the procedures for bringing them to Italy.

How to Get Italy Golden Visa by Purchasing Government Bonds

How to Get Italy Golden Visa by Purchasing Government Bonds

Italy Golden Visa Program Overview

The Italy Golden Visa program, introduced in 2017, attracts foreign direct investment by offering non-EU citizens a residence permit in exchange for investments, contributing to Italy’s economic growth.

Investors choose one of four options to participate in the program, including government bonds purchase. After application approval, foreign citizens can benefit from the rights granted to residents, including the right to live, work, study, and receive medical care in Italy.

5 benefits of Italian residency:

  1. Schengen Area access. Travel freely within the 27 countries that comprise the Schengen Area without additional visas or permits.

  2. Tax incentives. Special tax regimes for new residents with substantial foreign financial assets can significantly reduce your overall tax burden.

  3. Educational opportunities. Your children will access high-quality education at public schools and universities across Italy and other EU countries with reduced tuition fees.

  4. Lifestyle benefits. Enjoy Italy’s rich culture, beautiful landscapes, world-class cuisine, and warm Mediterranean climate all year round.

  5. Citizenship prospects. Investors who maintain their investment in Italian government bonds or other qualifying options can extend their residence permit under Italy’s Golden Visa program.

Investing in Italian Government Bonds for Italy Golden Visa

Investing in Italy’s Golden Visa program benefits the investor and provides an opportunity for family reunification.

To qualify, you must invest at least €2 million in eligible government bonds, including:

  1. Zero-coupon Treasury Bonds (CTZ).

  2. Treasury Certificates (CCT/CCTeu).

  3. Long-Term Treasury Bonds index-linked to Eurozone inflation.

  4. Long-term Treasury Bonds (BTP).


Investing in Italian government bonds will secure your Italy residence permit and contribute to the country’s economic growth and stability. Investing in Italian government bonds provides a beneficial outcome for both international investors and the country’s economy.

Investors may consider investing in other eligible assets, such as shares from innovative Italian startups or small-medium enterprises.

Eligibility for the Golden Visa Program

Investing in Italy’s "dolce visa" not only benefits the investor but also provides an opportunity for family reunification.

To qualify for Italy’s Golden Visa program, applicants must:

  • make a qualifying investment;

  • have no criminal record;

  • possess health insurance coverage valid throughout Europe;

  • demonstrate sufficient financial resources to support themselves during their stay in Italy.

The investor’s family members who can become Italian residents are the following:

  • the spouse;

  • minor children;

  • children over 18, unmarried, financially dependent on the investor;

  • parents financially dependent on the investor.

One popular investment option under the Italy Golden Visa program involves purchasing Italian government bonds to secure EU residency while contributing to Italy’s economy. The minimum investment amount for this option is €2 million in Italian government bonds with a maturity of at least three years.

Italy Golden Visa — family reunification

Investing in Italy’s Golden Visa program by purchasing government bonds provides an opportunity for family reunification, allowing spouses and dependent children to join the primary visa holder

Application Process and Requirements

Applicants must submit their application to the Italian consulate or embassy in their country of residence for a swift and effortless process compared to other European programs.

Required documentation for applying:

  1. Accurate contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, is necessary.

  2. A detailed CV outlining professional experience, education, and skills is required.

  3. Proof of a rental agreement or property ownership within Italy is necessary.

  4. Applicants must show they can sustain themselves in Italy without resorting to public aid.

  5. Purchase of Italian government bonds: evidence showing investment in eligible government bonds worth at least €2 million must be provided as part of the application process.

From submission to approval, the application process generally takes around three months. Successful applicants will receive a two-year residence permit to enter Italy and other Schengen Area countries.

Renewing the Italy Golden Visa

Investors must continue to hold their government bonds and meet other program requirements to maintain their Italian residency. If these conditions are met, the residence permit can be renewed for an additional three-year period.

A ten-year continuous residency is mandatory for those looking to become Italian citizens.

Other investment options are available under the Italy Golden Visa program, such as contributing to an innovative Italian startup or buying shares in an Italian company.

Regardless of the chosen investment route, applicants can expect a straightforward application process and enjoy the benefits of European residency through this attractive investor visa route.


Obtaining an Italy Golden Visa by purchasing government bonds takes three months with a minimal investment of €2 million. The Italy Golden Visa program provides benefits such as family reunification opportunities and the potential for Italian citizenship after ten years.

To renew your Italian Golden Visa, you’ll need to provide an updated CV and a detailed report on how you’ve maintained and managed your investments over time:

This program presents a unique opportunity for those seeking EU residency or citizenship through investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Investing in Italy for Residence Permit: How Much Money Do You Need?

    For residency in Italy through the Golden Visa program, you must invest a minimum of €2 million in Italian government bonds.

  • What Are the Italy Golden Visa Benefits?

    Italy’s Golden Visa program offers tax incentives, access to high-quality healthcare and education systems, business opportunities within Europe, and visa-free entry to other Schengen countries.

  • How to Get a Golden Visa for Italy?

    To apply for an Italian Golden Visa, choose your investment option, gather required documentation, submit your application and pay fees at the nearest consulate or embassy, then make the qualifying investment and receive your residence permit.

  • Can You Get Italian Citizenship by Government Bonds Purchase?

    No, purchasing bonds alone does not grant Italian citizenship. Still, it can contribute towards obtaining a Golden Visa, leading to residency and citizenship eligibility after ten years of continuous residence.

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