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April 1, 2024
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Golden Visa for Family: Your Guide to Global Residency

Kenley Henderson - Golden Visa Expert

Analytics consider Scandinavian countries the best places for family life and raising kids. The rankings are based on how the respondents assessed the countries in terms of human rights, family-friendliness, safety and security, access to educational and medical services.

Not all countries in the list have Golden Visa programs and offer their residency by investment. However, there are some like Spain or Portugal included in the top-25.

In this article we will talk more about the best Golden Visa countries for families.

Golden Visa for a family

Golden Visa for Family: Your Guide to Global Residency

Unveiling the Golden Visa Scheme

The Golden Visa is a gateway to residency or citizenship in another country, achieved through investment.

The core purpose of this program revolves around two key aspects: offering high-net-worth individuals global mobility and access to top-tier services like healthcare and education within their chosen residence nation.

In return, these host nations receive significant economic boosts via these hefty investments often funnelled into sectors such as real estate or government bonds.

10 Benefits of Golden Visa Programs for Families

Residency by investment programs offer a range of benefits to individuals seeking to establish residency in a foreign country through a significant financial investment. The specific benefits can vary depending on the country and program, but here are some common advantages that investors might gain from participating in such programs:

  1. Global mobility. Residency obtained through an investment program can often grant you greater mobility, allowing you to travel to and from the host country more easily and potentially access visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to other countries.

  2. Access to better opportunities. Residing in a new country can provide access to better economic, educational, and professional opportunities for both you and your family members.

  3. Stability and security. Many countries offering investor visas are known for their political stability and secure environments, making them attractive destinations for individuals seeking a safe and peaceful place to live.

  4. Educational benefits. If you have school-age children, you may have access to high-quality education systems in the host country. It can include top-notch schools and universities.

  5. Healthcare services. Some countries with investor visa programs have excellent healthcare systems that offer quality medical care and services to residents.

  6. Quality of life. Some countries with investor visa programs offer an enhanced quality of life, with access to cultural amenities, recreational activities, and a pleasant living environment.

  7. Retirement options. Residency by investment can provide retirees with attractive retirement destinations, offering a comfortable lifestyle and favourable conditions for retirees.

  8. Cultural experience. Living in a new country can provide a unique opportunity to experience a different culture, language, and way of life.

  9. Legacy planning. If you plan to leave a legacy for your family, establishing residency in a country with favourable inheritance laws might be advantageous.

  10. Path to citizenship. In some cases, obtaining residency through an investment program can serve as a stepping stone towards permanent residency or citizenship after a certain period of time.

Golden Visas for family

The average time for getting citizenship is around 10 years. However, not every country allows its citizens to have two or more passports

The Best Golden Visas Programs for Families

New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean located southeast of Australia. It is known for friendly locals, breathtaking nature and calm lifestyle. Safety rankings consistently put New Zealand in the top‑3 safest countries in the world.

Healthcare services in New Zealand are free or low-cost for residents. It is not only affordable but accessible and of high quality as well.

Education in government schools is free of charge. One of the main advantages of New Zealand’s schooling is a large number of outdoor activities included in the curriculum allowing kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Moving to New Zealand is possible with an Investor Visa that is granted for a minimum investment of NZD 5,000,000 million. The investment can be made in funds, bonds, or equities. Successful applicants gain temporary resident status, which can lead to permanent residency.

Australia is often considered a favourable country for raising children, and it offers many benefits that can contribute to a positive family experience.

It has a strong and stable economy that can offer families good economic opportunities and job prospects. The country is also known for its high standard of living, providing access to quality healthcare, education, and various amenities.

Many foreigners move to Australia, so it is a multicultural country. This fact helps to expose children to a diverse range of cultures, languages, and perspectives. Even though people in Australia speak different languages, English is official. Due to that, kids learn it from early childhood and become native speakers, which is beneficial in many cases.

Violent crime rates in Australia are generally lower than in many other developed countries, as the country has a well-functioning law enforcement system that helps maintain public safety.

Australian Significant Investor Visa requires a minimum investment of AUD 2,500,000 in complying investments, such as venture capital, growth private equity, and Australian securities. This visa provides a pathway to permanent residency.

Golden Visa for a family

The weather in Australia is good all year round, which makes it possible to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities. There are many parks and beaches, and Australians engage in watersports from a young age

Luxembourg is a small country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. Its tranquil lifestyle and low crime rates make it a safe environment for families and children. Families also benefit from support programs from the Luxembourgish government, including parental leave, child allowances, and childcare options.

Luxembourg is a very green country with beautiful landscapes. The capital has numerous parks, playgrounds, and outdoor recreational areas that can be great for family activities and children’s playtime.

The country offers a high-quality education system, including international schools, which can provide a strong foundation for your children’s academic development. Luxembourg residents can enter universities in EU countries on the preferences of other EU students.

Luxembourg also has a well-developed healthcare system, ensuring your family access to quality medical care.

It is possible to move to Luxembourg under the Investor Visa program, which requires a minimum investment of €500,000 in an innovative startup or an existing company contributing to the country’s economic development. Successful applicants receive a residence permit.

Portugal is one of the best countries for families with children. It is situated in southern Europe on the board of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to its location, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate, which means mild winters and warm summers. Portugal has a low crime rate and generally is considered a safe country.

Residents can access high-quality medical care in Portugal and other EU countries. Children of residents can study in international schools and local and EU universities that often end up in the rankings of the best universities in the world. Portuguese culture emphasises a healthy work-life balance, which can benefit spending quality time with your family.

One of the most significant advantages of Portugal compared to other European countries is its relatively low cost of living. Around 3,000 € is more than enough for a family of four.

The Golden Visa Program in Portugal is one of the most popular in Europe. It offers residency to individuals who invest at least €250,000 in real estate, create jobs, or invest in arts and culture. After five years, investors can apply for permanent residency or citizenship.

Spain is a country in the south of Europe. It is known for its rich history and cultural heritage, warm climate and relaxed way of life.

It is also very welcoming to foreigners, as many expat communities and Spanish people are amicable.

Spanish culture also strongly emphasises family values, and children are often welcomed. They can engage in many social outdoor activities with adults and on their own. Many beaches, parks, and outdoor markets can provide numerous opportunities for leisure time.

Spain has a well-developed healthcare system, ensuring access to medical care for your family. The education system varies across regions, but Spain offers public and private schools and international schools in major cities. Children can study in both Spanish and English, which can be beneficial in the future.

The cost of living in Spain varies depending on the region, but it can be more affordable than some other Western European countries. Spanish transportation is well-developed, which makes it relatively easy to travel within and outside the country.

The Spanish Golden Visa Program, available for wealthy people, requires a minimum investment of €500,000 in real estate, government bonds, or specific business projects. This visa allows for residency and can eventually lead to permanent residency or citizenship.

Italy is a South European country bordering Spain, and as its neighbour, it has a pleasant climate, rich history and breathtaking sceneries. The country’s cuisine is famous worldwide, and children can benefit from exposure to fresh, Mediterranean-style foods.

Golden Visa for a family

Italy is home to numerous UNESCO world heritage sites. In Italy, children will be enculturated from the very beginning of their residency

Italian culture strongly emphasises family values and close-knit relationships, which can contribute to a supportive environment for raising children. The country also has strong community ties in many areas, and families can find support and opportunities to connect with locals.

Education in Italy is a mix of public, private, and international schools. Residents enter education institutions under the same conditions as Italian citizens.

Overall, Italy is a safe country. It has relatively low crime rates compared to many other countries. Violent crime is rare, and most travellers and residents have no safety issues.

Italy offers an Investor Visa for non-EU citizens who invest at least €250,000 million in government bonds, a new company, or philanthropic initiatives. Successful applicants can obtain a residence permit.

Countries Offering Golden Visas for Investors and Their Families


Minimum investment

Processing time



3 months



3 months

Antigua and Barbuda


4—6 months


AUD 2,500,000

1—2 years



3—4 months



3+ months



2—6 months



2—6 months



4—6 months



3+ months



4—6 months



2—4 months



1—2 months

New Zealand

NZD 5,000,000

5—6 months



8—10 months

St Kitts and Nevis


6+ months

St Lucia


3—4 months



2—3 months



6—8 months


AED 750,000

2+ months



5+ years



1—2 months

Requirements for an Investor and Their Family Members

When participating in a Golden Visa program, the investor can add their close family members. It always includes a spouse and minor children. It also might include dependent children over 18, parents and even siblings.

Investors and their family members over 16 are usually entitled to undergo background checks to ensure they have no criminal history or links to illegal activities. They also need to provide evidence of good health and character, often in the form of medical examinations and police clearance certificates.

Additional requirements might apply to family members.

Step-by-step Procedure of Obtaining Golden Visa


Choose a program and understand requirements

Thoroughly understand the program requirements, including the minimum investment amount, eligible investment options, source of funds, and any additional criteria such as health checks, character checks, and language proficiency.


Collect documents

Gather all necessary documents as per the program’s requirements. The list usually includes:

  • proof of funds and source of investment;

  • passport and identity documents;

  • birth certificates for all family members;

  • marriage certificate;

  • police clearance certificates

  • medical certificates.

The authorities may require additional documents as well.


Make the investment

Transfer the required investment amount into the designated investment vehicle. It could be real estate, government bonds, a business venture, or other eligible investments.

Some programs also allow you to make an investment after the application for residency is approved.


Submit an application

Prepare and submit your application along with all required documentation to the relevant government agency responsible for processing investor visa applications. Applications are typically submitted online or through a designated application centre.


Application review

The government agency will review your application, documentation, and investment to ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria. It usually involves background checks, verification of your investment, and evaluation of your intentions to reside in the country.


Obtain residency

Once you’ve fulfilled all the program requirements, you’ll be granted residency status in the country. It can be obtained either in person or through courier.

Key Takeaways

  1. Spain, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and Luxembourg are among the best countries for families with kids.

  2. To move there quickly you can obtain a Golden Visa that equals a residence permit by investment.

  3. The investor participating in the program can add their close family members: a spouse, dependent children and sometimes parents and siblings.

  4. Residence by investment costs at least €350,000 but the prices depend on the country and its program.

  5. Benefits of Golden Visas are global mobility, stability and security, educational benefits, healthcare services, high quality of life, path to citizenship and cultural experiences.

  6. The process to get a Golden Visa includes choosing a suitable program, collecting required documents, making an investment and submitting an application. The process of approval usually takes 4—8 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

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