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April 1, 2024
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How to Get Luxembourg Golden Visa: Comprehensive Guide

Brittany Collins

Understanding how to get a Luxembourg Golden Visa can be the key to unlocking numerous opportunities in this stable EU member country. This article will provide an extensive guide to help you comprehend the Luxembourg Golden Visa procedure to make educated decisions during each stage.

We’ll discuss the benefits of the 'Residence for Investors from third-countries' initiative. You’ll learn about different investment options, such as investing €500,000 into an existing Luxembourg-based company or starting up a new business within the country.

The pathway towards permanent residency via the Golden Visa scheme is another crucial aspect we’ll delve into. We will also explore other types of visas and their requirements, ensuring you have comprehensive knowledge of all available routes.

How to Get Luxembourg Golden Visa: Comprehensive Guide

How to Get Luxembourg Golden Visa: Comprehensive Guide

Luxembourg Golden Visa Overview

Small but thriving, Luxembourg is a member of the EU. It is situated within the triangle of France, Belgium, and Germany. Luxembourg’s robust financial sector and favourable tax regime have long been a favourite travel destination for wealthy business people worldwide.

The Luxemburg Golden Visa program, also known as "Residence for Investors from third-countries”, is your ticket to Europe’s prosperity.

The Golden Visa scheme allows investors to obtain a residence permit in Luxembourg. Make substantial financial investments within Luxembourg’s borders, and you’re on your way to permanent residency and citizenship.

Here are four investment options to fulfil the requirements:

  1. €500,000 — investing in an existing company based in Luxembourg.

  2. €500,000 — investing in starting up a new business within the country.

  3. €3 million — investing In management and investment structure located in Luxembourg.

  4. €20 million — deposit to a financial institution in Luxembourg.

To be eligible to apply for Luxembourg Golden Visa, an investor must:

  • be over 18;

  • hold a clean criminal record;

  • provide proof of suitable housing — rent out real estate or buy real estate;

  • proof of legitimate source of funding;

  • own a health insurance certificate;

  • not leave Luxembourg for more than six months in a row.

The primary applicant’s spouse and dependent children under 21 may also apply for residency.

Key Benefits of Obtaining a Luxembourg Golden Visa

Free movement in the Schengen Area. Luxembourg is a member of the Schengen Area, which allows residents to move freely across another 26 European countries without passport controls.

High standard of living. Luxembourg is known for its high standard of living, quality healthcare, education system, and public services.

Access to healthcare. Residents usually have access to Luxembourg’s public healthcare system, which is of a high standard. Private health insurance is also available.

Education opportunities. Residents can access Luxembourg’s well-regarded education system, including public schools and universities.

Residency rights for family members. Residency in Luxembourg often extends to immediate family members, allowing them to join the primary applicant.

Tax benefits. Luxembourg has specific tax arrangements that may be advantageous for certain individuals, such as reduced taxes on foreign income or favourable treatment for highly skilled workers.

Business and investment opportunities. Luxembourg is a significant financial and business centre, and obtaining residency may open up opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

Political stability and security. Luxembourg is known for its political stability and low crime rates, making it an attractive place to live.

Cultural and recreational opportunities. Luxembourg has a rich cultural heritage and offers various recreational activities, including museums, parks, and a vibrant arts scene.

Documents for the Luxembourg Golden Visa

  1. Passport.

  2. Birth, marriage and divorce certificates.

  3. Temporary visa to stay.

  4. Health Insurance.

  5. Criminal records certificate.

  6. Declaration of arrival issued by the communal administration.

  7. Proof of suitable housing — rental agreement or property deed.

  8. Fee payment.

Applying Process of Luxembourgish Residence by Investment

Applications to the program must be made through the prescribed forms and accompanied by the appropriate fees and supporting documents. To obtain the residence permit, an applicant must demonstrate the intention to reside permanently in Luxembourg.

The processing time for the residence application is approximately six months from the submission of the application to its approval.


1 week

Due Diligence and submitting documents

The applications can be submitted once the initial due diligence checks have been completed. Under the residence by investment option, an investment application is submitted to the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Economy.


1 month


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs analyses the application for final approval if approved. After that, a visa category D is requested from the applicant’s current country of residence, following approval.

Under the residence by private reasons option, an application is submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


1 month

Getting a visa

If approved, a visa category D is requested from the applicant’s current country of residence and collected at the local consulate or embassy.


3 months

Travels to Luxembourg

Within 90 days of receiving authorization, the investor:

  • undergoes a medical check;

  • submits their application for the residence permit;

  • registers with their commune of residence within three days of their arrival.

The permits are valid for three years under residence by investment or one year under living by private reasons, subject to renewal. To renew their residence permit, investors must demonstrate having spent significant time in the country for at least six months.

Pathway to Citizenship via the Golden Visa Scheme

Once you’ve secured your Luxembourg investor visa, the next step involves integrating into Luxembourgish society. This procedure involves familiarising oneself with the language, comprehending regional customs and laws, and engaging in communal activities.

After holding onto your initial residence permit for five years, you can apply to become a full-fledged resident who enjoys all the perks associated with living in a thriving economy like Luxembourg.

To become a full-fledged Luxembourg citizen, an investor must:

  • Maintain investment. To qualify for citizenship under the investor visa program, you must maintain your original investment throughout the five years without interruption.

  • Fulfil residence requirements. You should reside in Luxembourg for at least half of each year during those five years before applying for a passport.

  • Criminal record check. As part of the application process, you must provide a criminal record from your current country and previous ones, if applicable.

  • Sufficient knowledge of languages. Demonstrating proficiency in both written and spoken forms of the official languages (French, German, English) is crucial to getting approved for PR status here.

How to get a Luxembourg passport after a golden visa

The Luxembourg passport is among the best in the world, providing you with 90 days a year of visa-free travel to the United States and unrestricted mobility within the European Union. Luxembourg’s tax rates are lower than those in much of Europe

Other Types of Visas and Their Requirements

Aside from the Luxembourg Golden Visa program, other visas are available for foreign investors. These programs offer immediate citizenship in exchange for donations or passive investments with minor or no physical presence requirement.

However, they also require demonstrating income and personal wealth above a certain level, usually without taking local employment or starting a business locally.

The startup entrepreneur visa is another option for wealthy individuals looking to relocate their businesses abroad. This type of visa has its own unique set of requirements separate from the golden visa schemes.

To qualify, applicants must demonstrate a unique and economically beneficial business concept while providing evidence of financial independence. They should also show proof of sufficient financial resources to support themselves during their stay in the country without relying on public funds.

Differences between Golden Visa and Startup Entrepreneur Visa:

  • investment amount: while both types require significant investment amounts, startup entrepreneur visas generally demand lower levels compared to golden visas since the main focus here isn’t just attracting capital but fostering innovation, creating jobs, and contributing to the overall growth of the economy;

  • nature of investment: unlike golden visas, where the emphasis is mainly on passive forms of investments (real estate, bonds, shares, etc.), startups need to prove the potential viability and success of the future project, thus requiring more active involvement on the part of the investor;

  • citizenship eligibility: Unlike many golden visa programs, startup entrepreneur visas don’t necessarily lead directly to citizenship. Instead, they provide a pathway to permanent residency first, after which an individual may apply for naturalisation based on the fulfilment of additional conditions stipulated by law.


Want to live in Luxembourg? Here’s how to get a Golden Visa:

  • invest at least €500,000 in an existing company or start a new business in Luxembourg;

  • alternatively, invest at least €3 million in management and investment structures in the country;

  • once you have the Golden Visa, you can take steps towards permanent residency.

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