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June 3, 2024
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How to Get Taiwan Gold Employment Visa for Digital Nomads

Brittany Collins

Taiwan offers a Golden Visa program that allows highly qualified specialists in fields like finance, tech or architecture to get residence permits in the country for 1—3 years.

Understanding how to get a Taiwan Golden Visa can open up exciting opportunities for individuals seeking an enriching international experience. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of the process and requirements to obtain this document.

How to Get Taiwan Gold Employment Visa for Digital Nomads

How to Get Taiwan Gold Employment Visa for Digital Nomads

What is a Taiwan Gold Employment Card

The Taiwan Employment Gold Card, aka the 'Digital Nomad Visa', is a coveted visa for professionals looking to extend their stay in Taiwan. It is 4 in 1: a work permit, a resident visa, Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), and a re-entry permit.

The Gold Card is valid for 1—3 years. If its holder continues meeting conditions, they can apply for an extension within 4 months before their card’s expiration date, for a maximum of 3 years each time.

6 Benefits of Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

Gold Card holders can access several benefits.

  1. Spousal and children permits. If you hold a Gold Card, your spouse and minor children can also obtain residence permits. Your spouse will also be legally allowed to work in Taiwan.

  2. Access to National Health Insurance. Gold Card holders are eligible to participate in Taiwan’s National Health Insurance program, which offers comprehensive coverage at reasonable rates. Taiwan’s healthcare system is highly respected globally for its quality and efficiency.

  3. Tax incentives. Taiwan offers a significant income tax incentive for Gold Card holders. The tax rate for the first 3 years of residence is a flat rate of 20% on income over a certain threshold, which can result in considerable savings for high earners. Individuals become tax residents if they reside in Taiwan for more than 183 days per year.

  4. Networking opportunities. Gold Card holders often have access to events and networking opportunities, which can benefit professional and personal growth.

  5. Access to domestic flights. It is a minor benefit, but Gold Card holders can use their Gold Card as identification for domestic flights within Taiwan. It simplifies travel and reduces the need to carry a passport for domestic travel.

  6. Educational opportunities. Golden Visa holders can study in Asia’s top universities located within the country.

Guide on How to Get Taiwan Golden Visa

National Taiwan University is one of the best universities in Taiwan. It was established in 1928 and is located in Taipei

Who Can Qualify for the Taiwan Gold Card

The Taiwanese government designed this program for top-tier professionals worldwide. Anyone with expertise in fields that contribute to Taiwan’s economy can apply.

Qualifications. An individual can apply if they work in:

  • science,

  • tech,

  • economics,

  • education,

  • culture,

  • sports,

  • finance,

  • law,

  • architecture.

It’s essential to choose a category that aligns with your skills and experience and falls under the jurisdiction of the relevant ministry.

The applicant is not required to access their qualifications on their own. A different ministry oversees each professional category. If you’re a science and technology genius with an IQ of 150, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is your best bet for assessing your qualifications.

Once approved for a gold card visa based on your chosen profession, you’re free to work in any Taiwan field without additional permission from immigration authorities. It is possible if you decide to switch from science to the arts. However, frequent job changes could impact future renewals, as each renewal needs approval from the respective ministry overseeing your profession.

Work experience. They must also have at least 5 years of expertise in a chosen area. However, a shorter experience of less than five years may be considered for exceptional talents.

Salary level. There are no specifics of how high your salary must be. However, some fields may demand having a certain sum.

To prove your salary level, you may need to provide:

  • withholding tax statements to show your earnings during your previous employment and prove your financial stability;

  • income tax returns — records of your annual income and must accurately reflect your current financial status.

Additional documentation, such as bank statements or pay slips, may be requested to validate your income claims.

Documents. The basic list of required documents includes the following:

  • a passport;

  • passport-sized photos;

  • a criminal record;

  • a health examination certificate;

  • proof of financial assets or special skills and talents;

  • a marriage certificate if applicable;

  • birth certificates of children if applicable;

  • an official letter of approval for employment;

  • proof of taking up work within one month.

You might be asked for additional papers depending on your nationality, background or chosen field.

Application Process for the Taiwan Gold Card

Obtaining a Taiwan Golden Visa can take as little as 30 days. It can be extended if you’ve worked for any Mainland Chinese companies or the government or need to provide additional documents.

Step-by-step Process of Getting a Taiwan Gold Employment Card


1 day

Online application

To file an application, you must register on the online portal and fill in the application form. It includes choosing your area of work. Then you would need to upload documents.

All documents must be translated into English or Chinese before submission.


2—3 days

Payment of fees

You will receive an email with a 12-digit application number. You will need to return to the platform and choose a payment method.


1+ months

Application and passport checks

The Bureau of Consular Affairs or a ROC overseas mission/office reviews the application.

This step is not required for Hong Kong and Macau applicants.

After the application is approved, you will receive an email notification. Then you will need to bring your passport for passport inspection.


Within 30 days

Obtaining your Golden Visa

You have 30 days to collect your passport with the Golden Visa. You can do it on your own or ask another person for help.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa Application Fees

The application fee depends on the nationality of the applicant. It also matters whether an individual applies from abroad or from Taiwan.

You can pay:

  • with international or domestic cards — only JCB, VISA or MasterCard;

  • via E-government payment platform;

  • via virtual account payment;

  • 4 major convenience store payments;

  • via Web ATM.

Fees for Taiwan Gold Employment Card

1 year visa

2 years visa

3 years visa

US citizens applying from abroad

TWD 7,235

TWD 8,235

TWD 9,235

Holders of foreign passports other than US

TWD 3,700

TWD 4,700

TWD 5,700

Foreigners applying from Taiwan

TWD 3,700

TWD 4,700

TWD 5,700

Macau or Hong Kong residents

TWD 3,100

TWD 3,100

TWD 3,100

Holders of valid Alien Resident Certificates

TWD 1,500

TWD 2,500

TWD 3,500


Obtaining a Golden Visa allows foreign talents to relocate to Taiwan. The requirement is to be a highly qualified specialist in one of the fields important for the Taiwanese economy. The Golden Visa is valid for 1—3 years and can be extended.

The Golden Visa helps get an all-access pass to everything that makes life enjoyable and convenient in one of Asia’s most dynamic countries, whether it’s healthcare security with NHI coverage or enriching personal growth through educational pursuits.

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