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June 3, 2024
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How to Get Australian Residence by Investment: Comprehensive Guide

Brittany Collins

The Australian prestigious visa program offers a pathway for wealthy individuals to gain residency and citizenship in Australia. This guide aims to provide comprehensive information on the various Australian visas available.

You will find insights on streams under Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP), such as Entrepreneur Stream, and their unique benefits. With a minimum investment of AUD 5 million, you can get a streamlined path towards permanent residency.

How to Get Australian Residence by Investment: Comprehensive Guide

How to Get Australian Residence by Investment: Comprehensive Guide

Australia Investor Stream Visa Program Overview

BIIP stands for Business Innovation and Investment Program, an immigration program in Australia designed to attract business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors who can contribute to the Australian economy.

To qualify for this investor visa program, you must:

  1. Invest at least AUD 5 million, which should be legally acquired and available for transfer into Australia within two years after receiving the visa grant notification.

  2. Have at least three years of management experience with one or more qualifying businesses or eligible investments.

  3. Be genuinely committed to maintaining your business activities in Australia.

Meeting these requirements doesn’t guarantee approval, but they’re essential prerequisites set forth by Immigration authorities. Ensure that you observe the standards prescribed by the immigration office and submit an appropriately arranged application.

10 Benefits of the Australian Golden Visa

  1. Living and working in Australia. With a residence permit, you can live and work in Australia for an extended period, which can be a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship.

  2. Access to education. Residents in Australia can access high-quality education and enjoy discounted tuition fees for domestic students at universities and other educational institutions.

  3. Healthcare benefits. Residents are eligible to access Australia’s public healthcare system, Medicare, which provides subsidised medical services and prescription medications.

  4. Freedom to travel. A residence permit allows you to travel in and out of Australia without additional visas.

  5. Family reunification. Some residence permits in Australia allow you to sponsor eligible family members to join you in Australia.

  6. Social benefits. As a resident, you can access various social services and benefits the Australian government provides.

  7. Pathway to citizenship. Depending on the type of residence permit, it may offer a path to Australian citizenship after meeting specific residency requirements.

  8. Political and legal rights. While not all rights are granted to residents, many fundamental political and legal rights, such as freedom of speech and access to the legal system, are protected.

  9. Safe and stable environment. Australia is known for its political stability, low crime rate, and high standard of living, making it an attractive destination for individuals seeking a safe and secure environment.

  10. Opportunities for business and investment. For those on specific business-related residence permits, Australia offers a favourable business environment, a diverse economy, and opportunities for investment and entrepreneurship.

Business Innovation and Investment Program Streams

The Australian government’s Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) offers a mutually beneficial opportunity to stimulate the economy while granting permanent residency in this beautiful nation. It’s a win-win situation: boost the economy and get residency in the country.

The BIIP has four streams. Each has its requirements and benefits:

  • Business Innovation Stream: for innovative business owners who can bring new ideas to existing Australian businesses or start new ones.

  • Investor Stream: for those willing to invest at least AUD 2.5 million in an approved investment fund or bond issued by an Australian state or territory government for at least four years.

  • Significant Investor Stream: for high net worth individuals ready to invest at least AUD 5 million into complying significant investments for a minimum period of four years.

  • Premium Investor Stream: by invitation only, for those willing to invest at least AUD 15 million into complying premium investments.

Entrepreneur Stream And Its Advantages

For innovative entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas but limited capital resources, there’s the Entrepreneur Visa under the BIIP. This pathway allows them to achieve residence status without a substantial monetary investment upfront.

After fulfilling the initial stay requirement of four years within Australia, all holders of entrepreneur or investor visas can apply for an extension, allowing them indefinite stay inside Australia. It’s a highly attractive proposition overall.

Global Talent Independent Program

The Global Talent Independent (GTI) program is a fast track option for high-net-worth individuals seeking permanent residency in Australia. This program is intended for people with noteworthy aptitude and a history of accomplishment in their profession, as well as those with an income surpassing AUD 153,600 per annum.

To qualify for GTI, you must have:

  • a proven track record of success in your field and

  • a salary that meets or exceeds AUD 153,600 per annum. If you meet these requirements, you’ll enjoy immediate access to Australia’s universal health care system and full work rights for yourself and your family.

GTI presents a desirable choice for those who don’t want to expend large amounts, as there are no age limits or investment prerequisites. If you meet specific conditions, you could even qualify for Australian citizenship after residing in the country continuously for four years.

Tax Exemptions and Financial Benefits

Investing in Australia’s Golden Visa program is about more than just residency or citizenship. It also provides financial benefits, especially when it comes to taxation.

You may benefit from being exempt from taxation on foreign income earned outside of Australia during your stay. This exemption applies even if these earnings are transferred into Australia, including employment income and passive investments like rental income or dividends from shares outside Australia.

Capital gains made on assets outside of Australia are tax-free while you hold a temporary residence status. It means that if you sell property or shares situated abroad during your stay in Australia as a temporary resident under the golden visa scheme, no Australian Capital Gains Tax (CGT) will apply to those profits.

Additional incentives might be based on specific state policies where you choose to reside within Australian territory. Some states offer stamp duty concessions for off-the-plan purchases, potentially saving thousands of dollars upfront.

Australia Golden Visa benefits

Sydney, one of the financial districts of the city, is surrounded by skyscrapers, many of which are bank structure

Applying for an Australian Investor Visa


1 week

Determine the appropriate stream

The Business Innovation and Investment Visa offers several streams, including the Investor Stream, Significant Investor Stream, and Premium Investor Stream. Choose the stream that best suits your investment goals and circumstances.


1 month

Meet the eligibility criteria

Each stream has specific requirements that you must meet. Generally, you must demonstrate a successful business or investment background, have a certain level of net assets, and be willing to make a significant investment in Australia.


2 weeks

Prepare documentation

Gather the necessary documents to support your application. It may include:

  • your passport,

  • proof of funds,

  • business and investment history,

  • evidence of net assets,

  • business plan,

  • any other documentation specified by the immigration authorities.


1 day

Lodge an Expression of Interest

Submit an EOI through SkillSelect, the online system used for visa applications in Australia. Provide details about your background, investment plans, and other relevant information. The EOI is an initial step to express your interest in applying for an Investor Visa.


1 day

Lodge the visa application

Once you receive an invitation to apply, lodge your visa application with the Australian immigration authorities. Include all the required documents and pay the applicable visa application fee.


1 month

Attend an interview, if required

Depending on the stream and your circumstances, you may be required to attend an interview or provide additional information or clarification regarding your application.


1 week

Undergo health and character assessments

As part of the visa application process, you must undergo health examinations and provide police clearance certificates to demonstrate good character.


2 months

Wait for a decision

The immigration authorities will assess your application and make a decision. This process may take several months, and you may be requested to provide additional information or attend further interviews during this period.


1 month

Obtain the Investor Visa

If your application is approved, you will initially be granted the temporary Investor Visa (subclass 188). After meeting specific requirements, you can apply for a permanent Investor Visa (subclass 888).

Prerequisites for Australian Permanent Residency

Checklist for permanent residency:

  • Live in Australia for four years: one year as a permanent resident. Limit trips abroad to avoid overstaying your permanent residency status;

  • Speak English;

  • Police clearance: get a certificate from every country you’ve lived in for over a year since you were 16.

The initial BIIP visa is valid for 4 years and 3 months and there are varying criteria for obtaining permanent residency depending on the investor stream:

Requirements to qualify for permanent residency

Golden visa type

Time for eligibility for PR

Under the Investor stream

After 4 years

Under the Significant Investor stream

After 3 years

Premium Investor stream

After 1 year

Citizenship Status in Australia

Becoming an Australian citizen is the final step in your migration journey. It’s not just about living and working here but also about being part of the community and contributing to society.

To qualify, you must:

  • pass a citizenship test or interview;

  • have basic English skills;

  • have a criminal clearance certificate.

To be eligible for citizenship, applicants must have been a permanent resident of Australia for at least one year before application. They must have resided in the country legally without long absences over two years within five years.

For the Investor and Significant Investor Streams, though not for the Premium Investor stream, eligibility for permanent residency is contingent on having been physically present in Australia for at least two years and absent for no more than 90 days during any year.

You’ll also need basic English skills and a criminal clearance certificate.

If you satisfy the prerequisites, you can gain access to advantages such as voting and applying for public positions.


To qualify for this Australia Golden Visa, you must have an eligible significant business history or personal assets. It would help if you also showed your commitment to maintaining your investment activity in Australia after the conclusion of your provisional visa.

Investing in Australia’s Golden Visa program provides financial benefits, including significant tax exemptions for temporary residents. These exemptions include no taxes on foreign income earned overseas and capital gains made on assets outside Australia while holding a temporary residence status.

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