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April 1, 2024
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How to obtain Netherlands Golden Investor Visa: Complete Guide

Brittany Collins

For those seeking an overseas life of security and safety, the Netherlands' Golden Visa offers a great chance to explore its low crime rate environment, high quality of living, and sustainable lifestyle.

Wealthy people can enjoy these benefits if they invest €1,250,000 in the country’s economy.

This guide offers an in-depth look into the Dutch Golden Visa program, designed to attract foreign investors.

How to obtain Netherlands Golden Investor Visa: Complete Guide

How to obtain Netherlands Golden Investor Visa: Complete Guide

What is the Netherlands Golden Visa

The Netherlands Golden Visa is a residence permit that can be obtained by investment. With it, individuals can live in the Netherlands for as long as their permit is valid. They also get a chance to get permanent residency and, eventually, Dutch citizenship.

To be eligible for the Netherlands Golden Visa, you must invest at least €1,250,000 in a Dutch business, fund, or contractual joint venture. This program has a points-based system, where points are awarded based on the investment’s value to the Dutch economy.

9 Benefits of the Netherlands Golden Visa

  1. Access to the European Union. As a resident of the Netherlands, individuals gain the right to live, work, and study anywhere within the EU. The Schengen Area, which allows for free movement between 27 European countries, also becomes accessible.

  2. High quality of life. The Netherlands consistently ranks highly in terms of quality of life, thanks to its excellent healthcare, education systems, clean environment, and strong rule of law.

  3. Strong economy. The Netherlands has one of the world’s top 20 economies and is home to many multinational corporations. It provides ample business and investment opportunities and also a robust job market.

  4. Excellent infrastructure. The Netherlands has world-class public transportation and excellent road and bike infrastructure. Its location and infrastructure make it an ideal gateway to Europe for business and travel.

  5. Educational opportunities. The country is home to numerous top-ranking universities and educational institutions. As a resident, you and your dependents can have access to these high-quality educational resources.

  6. Multicultural society. The Netherlands is known for its tolerance and diversity, with a large expatriate community. English is widely spoken, making it easier for new residents to adapt.

  7. Strategic location. Located in the heart of Europe, the Netherlands has a strategic position that provides easy access to other major European cities, like Paris, London, and Berlin. It’s a hub for international business and travel.

  8. Investor rights. As an investor, you have the same rights as Dutch entrepreneurs. It includes starting your own business, acquiring property, and investing in the Dutch market.

  9. Pathway to citizenship. After a certain period of residence and satisfying language and integration requirements, it is possible to apply for Dutch citizenship. It offers additional benefits, such as the right to vote in elections and access to a Dutch EU passport.

the Netherlands Golden Visa

A Dutch passport is in the top‑5 of the strongest passports in the world. Its holders can visit 188 countries and territories visa-free

Eligibility Criteria for Dutch Golden Visa

Requirements for the investor. To participate in the program, you must:

  • be 18 or older;

  • have no criminal record;

  • have never been to the Netherlands illegally;

  • rent or purchase housing — the minimum sum of money is not stated.

Family inclusion requirements. The investor can add a partner and minor children to the application.

Program requirements. You’ll need to invest in the Dutch business economy to increase. Your investment should create ten full-time jobs or add value to the economy through innovation or sustainability.

The investment money must be deposited in the Dutch bank account or in a bank account in the branch of the Dutch bank located in the EU.

Required documents. Before applying, the investor must collect a package of documents. It usually includes the following:

  • a copy of a passport;

  • an application form;

  • a birth certificate;

  • a marriage certificate, if applicable;

  • bank statements;

  • a certificate of no criminal record;

  • proof of investment;

  • a passport-size photo.

You might be required to provide additional papers depending on your situation and background.

Netherlands Golden Visa

Three Netherlands’s cities The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam are in top‑10 cities in terms of quality of life

Types of Investment for the Netherlands Golden Visa

There are four options for investors:

  • invest in an innovative startup;

  • invest in a contractual joint venture or a fund;

  • a venture fund recognized by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs;

  • a venture capital fund affiliated with the Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen (NVP).

The most popular ones are investments in a startup and a contractual joint venture.

Startup option. You must invest in a startup registered in the Netherlands as a private limited company. It must meet 2 out of 3 the requirements:

  • create at least 10 jobs within the following 5 years;

  • invest to make the startup more innovative;

  • has non-financial added value — specific knowledge, networks or clients.

Contractual joint venture or fund option. A venture or a fund invests in an innovative startup instead of you. The experienced fund manager will do all the work and help you diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple startups.

The minimum investment sum under both options is €1,250,000. Additionally, you must pay the application fee of €2,137.

Evaluation Process for Investments Made Under the Dutch Golden Visa Program

Investing in the Netherlands through the Dutch Golden Visa program is more than meeting financial requirements. The Dutch government has introduced a comprehensive evaluation process to ensure foreign investors contribute positively to the Dutch economy.

This assessment criteria focuses on:

  • innovation — the level of innovation brought by your investment in the Dutch Innovation sector;

  • economic impact how much your investment contributes towards job creation and boosting economic growth;

  • sustainability — whether your chosen startup aligns with sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Your application will be thoroughly reviewed before granting a residence permit under this program. After five years of dutifully living and contributing to society through these investments, one can apply for a permanent residence permit or even receive citizenship.

Step-by-step Procedure for Obtaining the Netherlands Golden Visa


2—3 weeks

Make an investment

The investment must be made before filing an application. You would need to submit proof of investment with the basic package of documents.


1 week

Collect and submit documents

After you’ve made an investment and obtained documents proving it, you must submit documents to the IND. You must also pay a fee of €2,394.


1—2 months

Wait for the approval and fulfill the housing requirement

IND will review your documents, conduct Due Diligence checks against international databases and make a decision.

Upon receiving approval, you must rent or purchase a property. There are no requirements on the minimum value of real estate.


1 day

Obtain a residence permit

It will be issued for 3 years and can be extended to 2 more years.


After 3 years

Renew your residence permit

You can renew your residence permit for another 2 years. After five years of holding the status, you can apply for permanent residence or citizenship.

Other European Golden Visa Programs

Some European countries allow foreigners to obtain their residence by investment. Among these countries are Spain, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Malta.

Comparison of European Golden Visa Programs


Minimum investment

Obtainment period


3 months


2—6 months


3+ months


2—4 months


2—3 months

Key Takeaways: the Netherlands Golden Visa

  1. The Netherlands Golden Visa program offers wealthy individuals to obtain a residence permit in the country by investment.

  2. The investor can invest, for example, in an innovative company or a contractual joint venture. The minimum sum is €1,250,000.

  3. The government assesses each chosen business to ensure that foreign investors contribute positively to the Dutch economy.

  4. The application process takes 3—5 months.

  5. Benefits of the Netherlands Golden Visa include access to the European Union, high quality of life in a country with a strong economy and excellent infrastructure, educational opportunities and a pathway to citizenship.

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